They will think there was some kind of “loan”
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They will think there was some kind of “loan”
They will think there was some kind of “loan”

But the people won't notice that we are slowly stealing more and more of the fruits of their labor. They won't notice that, before we started this biggest scam in history, a man could be a carpenter, making a few chairs by hand every day, or a farmer, plowing his fields the old low-tech way, while his wife stays home and cares for the house and the kids, and he can make a comfortable living for his whole family, and have enough left over to take care of mom and help out his neighbor in need.

They won't notice that after this great scam is in operation for several decades, things have gradually progressed to the following: A man and his wife (if they are still together after our media propaganda encourages the divorce rate beyond 50%) are both working at least one job each (if they still have their jobs) using computers and automation that make it possible to accomplish a week's worth of work in 15 minutes, while their children are raised by TV and video games - and yet they are being foreclosed on.

When bankers speak of “reserves” they are referring to deposit accounts, vault cash and debt - all of which was created by the Federal Reserve from nothing in the first place

They won't notice that the sole difference between these two time frames is the money in our pockets (mostly mine) because I will keep them dumbed down by buying out and controlling the school system and media, and too busy trying to make ends meet to think about it. They won't notice because we will gradually squeeze loan in Illinois out the middle class, since they are the ones who, with their comfortable way of life, better than average education and time to ponder things, might have a chance to figure some of this out and do something about it.

“Reserve” was put into the name to suggest the idea that tangible assets were backing it. The Federal Reserve has no “reserves”. It doesn't even have a balance in its checking account that it uses to buy government bonds.

Yes, and we will keep the people so dumbed down, they won't realize that their taxes actually pay the interest on the “National Debt” that we created from nothing. ”

So, now here's the most important thing that both you and I must do, in order to insure the continuation of our little deal, to maintain the win-win-win-win-win situation for both you and me:

We must not rat on each other. We must not expose each other's lies, deceptions, frauds or psychopathic behavior, so as not to expose the gist of our agreement.

Very, very few people will think “Where could the Federal Reserve possibly have gotten $22 trillion to loan to the nation?

When the Federal Reserve was created, there was a strong abhorrence of centralized banking power among the people. So it called itself a “System” and gave itself 12 “Districts” to allay fears of centralized power. But in actually, it functions as a Central Bank out of the New York District.

The people are to believe that the governing law starts with the Constitution, and comes through the President of the United States and Congress. But in reality, the governing law of this contract is me, Chairman of the Board of the Federal Reserve.

There can be no violation of the terms of this contract. I am very serious about this, if I catch one of your presidents printing his own money, or even thinking about it, I will assassinate him 22 .

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