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Robin are to start with the only member of the fresh team to own zero face-flaws

Robin are to start with the only member of the fresh team to own zero face-flaws

Even after Robin’s ability to deal with brand new strange, she are not able to drink the notion of Dwarves, and you can was even shocked by the characteristics of without difficulty trusting some body, anything she usually laughs off whenever Luffy does it. However, immediately following going to Dressrosa, her extreme improvement in instanthookups profile character actually starts to present by itself. Robin have as expressed numerous facefaults demonstrating one to this woman is zero longer brand new stoic, uncompromising private she was previously. Robin was also defeat having feeling within vision off Kanjuro’s Nobori Ryu strategy, and this produced good pitiful-appearing dragon one to she seen to be overwhelmingly adorable on part from blushing, which the fresh team soon called «Ryunosuke». She are passionate to tears within its good energy to rise Zou’s hind toes to reach the top, troubled for its feeble keeps, after which honored the memory in the event it turned back into the an excellent attracting and you can ceased to get «alive» by the establishing vegetation towards the their «grave» where it got reverted so you’re able to drawing function.


Through to the Enies Reception Arch, Robin usually tried to distance by herself from other anybody, also the lady allies, since she realized one to she are destined to log off them eventually or later on. Given that this lady basic bounty, Robin got always become betrayed because of the some body she came to believe; they all fired up their for the sake of money. Thus, Robin got a great jaded take on somebody and never most respected people. Even before she inserted, Robin try extremely intrigued of one’s interest and you will potential of your Straw Cap crew (possibly because their captain try mostly of the members of the world on middle intial D, because icon whom stored the girl). Even while they were opponents, Robin never acted aggressive or agressive towards the any of the crew. She also turned into withholding in order to this lady Baroque Performs allies, never ever advising her or him of the title of Sanji which she identified within Whiskey Peak; hence lead to their eliminate on Gambling establishment, and you can rescuing Luffy from are hidden regarding the desert immediately following the guy is actually beaten because of the Crocodile at the Rainbase.

On very first joining the brand new Straw Hat Staff, she simply said she got no place otherwise going, declaring that Luffy are guilty of the woman being alive when she got planned to pass away and therefore was required to just take duty having his very own measures. She scarcely called the girl comrades by-name, and you will instead described her or him employing ship-hands headings, including Skip Navigator (Kokaishi-san, i.e. Nami), Mr. Swordsman (Kenshi-san, i.elizabeth. Zoro), Mr. Long Nostrils (Nagahana-kun, we.e. Usopp), an such like. She at first merely named Luffy and you may Crocodile by their brands, although from inside the an expert trends given that a real estate agent. She does, now and then, label Luffy «sencho-san» (meaning head).

Over the years, yet not, Robin will get better together with her crewmates, and you will starts to produce a feeling of that belong together with them, and has stated that she cares more and more their better-becoming than just that other industry. After enjoying what lengths they come in acquisition to keep this lady, she now phone calls every one of them by the its labels. In assault into the Enies Lobby, she realized she’s eventually located new friends one Saul said she would. She’s also stated that, except that rescuing the lady lives, they certainly were accountable for reviving her dream. Adopting the timeskip, Robin seems confident in the the lady put in brand new staff. When Nekomamushi said he had been alarmed that people whom wanted to read the pongeglyphs perform been shortly after the lady, Robin said she had solid nearest and dearest who does manage the lady.

Monkey D. Luffy

She’s grateful so you’re able to Luffy getting acknowledging their to your their staff, which is alot more diligent along with his impulsive personality than of several from the lady other crewmates, also chuckling as he impulsively allows participants to participate, because the someone else try amazed (after all, it is through this she became an effective Straw Cap associate). And also as Robin sailed and you will ventured into staff longer, she arrived at end up being closer to and you can take care of Luffy while the better because remainder of the Straw Cap team. She is as well as way more tolerant out of Luffy’s choices, and therefore occasionally also helps make the girl laugh. This goes dating back to after they was indeed foes for the the Arabasta Arch, when Luffy fought Crocodile while the «Drinking water Luffy», consuming an entire barrel of liquids and spray it on Crocodile of their mouth making him far more good. She did actually took a taste in order to Luffy from their initially appointment aboard new Going Merry, in which their challenging character fascinated this lady adequate to should meet your once more. Luffy is the only individual that been able to encourage the girl you to definitely she is to live even when the industry does not want her so you can, and also if that was the case, the country are his with his crewmates’ opponents too. With techniques, Luffy reminds Robin of your most other D. supplier she befriended. This might have also contributed to their 1st interest in your, since the she is familiar with his complete name from the its very first conference and you can asked about it after that whenever she rescued your immediately after his first battle with Crocodile.

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